Mark Holschuh – Lead Mentor

Mark has been with Fondy Fire since its inception. He is a Senior Product Engineer with John Deere and puts in many hours keeping Fondy Fire running smoothly.  Mark received a Woody Flowers Award nomination in 2013 at the Midwest Regional.

2 thoughts on “Mark Holschuh – Lead Mentor

  1. I am a senior on Roboriot and we would like to do something for Peter Fox but we need to ask your permission could you text me or give me a call sometime I’am at school for 7 to 3

    my phone number is 920-207-3367

    Skylar Kapellen

  2. Hi I am a build mentor for team 5586 Bond Brigade in Kiel I have 2 questions lol
    First I heard you have a half a practice field in New Holstein and was wondering if it would be possible for us to practice on the field
    Also my uncle (Doug Enders) is part of the Malone Heritage club and I believe you are going to show your bot there on the 24th I was asked if we could bring ours as well I was just wondering if that would be ok with your team
    thanks much
    Steve Sexton

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