Fondy Fire Robotics Team 2194 was the brainchild of the McEathron family. Looking to promote the interest that her children had in science and technology-related topic, Lori McEathron attended the 2006 FIRST Midwest Regional and was immediately caught up in the excitement that is embedded in these events. Their son Carter was soon actively engaged in all that is FIRST! After much exploration the McEathron family was able to secure both a home for this up-and-coming team at Moraine Park Technical College in the Integrated Manufacturing Center (IMC) as well as funding through NASA. But the story isn’t over, for a team also needs members! Advertisements were placed in local newspapers and school districts were contacted. Science teachers within local schools were asked to promote this unique team adventure within their classes, and mentors were secured from a variety of neighborhood businesses and industries. When students and mentors were asked to meet the day of the 2007 kick-off event, no one expected that this fledgling team would so quickly win over the hearts of many in the greater Fond du Lac area. These students soon presented a strong positive presence to younger students within schools, and mentors could not contain their excitement! For the first build season for this young team had started! Little did these students and mentors know at that time that Fondy Fire would grow to be the nationally known team it is today!

The torch was carried on by Mark Holschuh and his wife Pat.  Their unstinting efforts are the main reason for the growth Fondy Fire to where we are today. Over 200 students have been team members and many have gone on to further their education and careers in related fields. We have had the support of parents and others as both volunteers and mentors.

Please check out the Teams and Robots page for details of the robots and pictures from the build seasons and some of the events attended. Also visit Recognition and Awards for details of what we have in those areas.

 Sponsors have provided money, equipment, facilities and employees to act as mentors.

We do many school visits and demonstrations as part of our community outreach.

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